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The number seven. Difficult to ignore one of the most important numbers in history. From gods and planets to poetry and capital sins. In SIEBEN, Jill Crovisier confronts 7 dancers who want to express their individuality within a group but also to express their inability to disconnect from it. Everyone has his time of entry and exit as the circle of life, governed by a certain repetition. In SIEBEN, the number 7 will not leave you anymore!



Jill Crovisier’s choreography finds its inspiration within the world from its cultural, social and political aspect. Travelling the world from a young age opened her mind and perception of dance. From Ballet dance to traditional Asian dances as well the urban culture, Jill works today on her own movement language and develops her specific signature. Aiming to obtain and provide an individualistic approach to choreography, the young choreographer uses not only her experience as a professional dancer and dance observer but also her fascination for architecture and nature as well the body it self and his mind. She is dedicated to expand the potency of contemporary dance and sees in it endless research possibilities. In the past years, Jill developed a personal vision and expanded her interests into dance with video work. For Jill everything is connected, different elements float in and out. Her choreographies are the result of an experience, an experience that she transcribes in time and space by using the body. Jill has a passion for music and sees in it a structure that is connected to her choreography. The editing and research process of music is an essential element in her work as well as the inner groove rhythm of the body. Jill plays with unexpected dynamic changes, different movement qualities, precise structures in space and strong images.

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