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Audition 2022-2023 for talented dancers

Dernière mise à jour : 11 mai 2023

The future of ballet and dance lies in the creative hands of young people.

Classical & Contemporary / France Pau

Leave your data for a private audition before June

Contemporary & Physical theater / Varsovie NEW OPPENING

Contemporay / MADRID EBB CPNY

You can apply for a private audition. Cv, pictures, videos

we will come back to you . only few place available for the next season.

Private audition and public audition end of may.

Welcome to EBB

Jean Philippe Dury


EBB provides empowering and transformational opportunities for young people to learn about dance and ballet and experience creating and performing new work. We seek to give our future generations a strong and diverse voice.

We have a range of excellent opportunities for people aged 14.23. From our 6 months residential to intensive masterclasses and creative workshops. Whether you choose to become a professional dancer or pursue other opportunities, we will equip you with a broad range of skills that will allow you to fulfill your potential .

Find out more below.

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