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Professional junior ballet in collaboration with the renowned EBB Company / Elephant in the Black Box, France Spain.

Our structure is dedicated to training young artists from top schools, in order to place them in professional companies and facilitate their first employment contract.

In collaboration with the French Ministry of Culture and the Conservatoire de Pau, we enable these young dancers to take their choreographic diploma and finally obtain the DEC, recognized as the highest level of professional artistic education for dancers.

The dancers participate in 8 series of performances during the season and are accompanied by 15 choreographers and company directors, enabling them to prove themselves on stage and acquire the experience needed to begin a career.

EBB has developed a different teaching program that is as accessible to classical dance as it is to a highly contemporary ambivalence, for dancers wishing to train in both disciplines.



guest teachers and weekly classes from Monday to Friday, sometimes on Saturdays depending on the Junior Ballet's production and touring schedule.

The opportunities to perform on stage and work with guest teachers are of vital importance to the training of our students, who benefit from 16 choreographers each season. There are 1 or 2 guest choreographers or international teachers every month.


EBB is renowned for training generations of dancers who are ready to defend their true worth to professionals in the sector.

We attach great importance to the diversity of choreographers and to artistic creation.

Each student has the chance to develop his or her own choreographic piece and unique language.


Our guest teachers expose our students to different dance styles and teaching methods, diversifying their training and making them more versatile and employable dancers.

See the list of our collaborators in the section / GUESTS




How do you send in your application?

Young dancers wishing to join our junior ballet are kindly requested to send their application before September 2023.

Resume, videos and photos are required to be selected among the 25 dancers in the company.

Each applicant will receive a reply by early September and will be incorporated into the structure by mid-September.




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